Ga Lottery Commercial - "Buddy Cops"

I had the chance to work with Richard Sampson and director Seyi Peter-Thomas. This commercial continues the story of Kevin the firebreathing goat. 

This was a fast productions.. I think I storyboarded this 3-4 weeks before the commercial was on the air.. 

Storyboards for Ga Lotter Buddy Cops commercial

Conceptual boards for Hartmann and Associates.

I did a fast turnaround project for Hartmann and Assoc.. The collaboration bore some great results.. I've included a quick sample of some of the boards. 

The campaign centered around the reopening of the newly redone Bay Bridge.

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Redux

I recently participated in this online project.. I was stoked to get this opportunity because the classic version of the Marvel Handbook was my gateway into comics and it was the time that I began to take drawing seriously.  I copied so many of the drawings from this handbook as a practice.

I think I was a pretty good copier at the time too.  Here are my versions of characters based from entries in the original hand book. Or you can go here and view them at the OHOTMU site.












In 2011 i worked with No Limit Media Consulting to redesign and create the new Huddle House, Huck Huddle mascot..

I have to admit I never realized the huddle in Huddle House referred to footbal. And they have had a moscot for years, but never used it.

I redesigned and then illustrated the new one, and here are some images of people standing with ole Huck at different Huddle House locations. 

Storyboards for Plus One movie.

I recently finished working with director Dennis Illiadis one Plus One. I was a blast and the movie will be awesome.  

Can't say more, but the movie is slated for 2013.. 

Eclipse Phase: Cramped

I did this for the most recent Eclipse Phase book.. I ran into the deadline and had to finish it up and get it out.  There are a few details that I would clean up or change, but that's for another day.

Battle Tech

General Baxter: House of Liao





Drop Ship

Here are some pieces that I completed for a Battletech RPG recently.

Kingpin sketches


Just felt like doing my own rendition of the Big Guy.




GI Joe: Snake Eyes and Helix

I bought an issue of IDW's GiJoe a while back, and the leading characters in that issue were Snake Eyes and Helix( the woman). I did a quick sketch of a composition I liked and then went forward for the final image.

It ironically took me several passes and reworking the composition to get something I liked.

I have to thank Bernard Shepard for taking on the inks( especially since my pencils were heavy, complex and sometimes not totally plannd out) He did a great job- you can check out more of his work over at

After the inks were finished I also struggled with the colors as well, but in the last leg everything came together.