I've been working at keeping the blog updated a bit more regularly. But at the same time, I didn't just want to do a quick pics that I'm bored with.. So as you've seen, I'm mixing it up, and I think I have a game plan that fits with something I've wanted to do for some time now anyway..

Along with comic, I'm an illustrator. I like to interpret themes, ideas, situations, etc.. So I'm going to do sketches based on themes, Comics, Music, and sexy.. yep I said sexy.. Who doesn't like sexy? Even women like sexy.. cmon.. you gotta like sexy.

So that's That.. I'm going to steal a cue fom Jimmy Palmiotti, who does sexy Mondays, when he presents a collection of sexy pics on his blog every, you guessed it, Monday.

Mine is not "Sexy Mondays" like Mr.Palmiotti, but I'll say Mondays will be sexy.

Noir Tuesdays. Heavy shadows, square jawed guys, and sultry women.  

Wednedays will be Music/pop culture themed: What every person or band that I fancy at the time.. Done with a Flat Design-y approach. Like my Black Keys Pic before this post.

Thursday Grit.. The current style that I'm using, lot's of hatching and linework.. 

Word of the day Fridays. I choose a word and interpret it. Style is a wild card here.

Okay.. Lets get to it!! Check out the blog here.


Here are some of the latest entries.